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Taking Stock in Sticky Notes: how it all started

Contributed by Studio Rhode Team Member Margaret McNulty

On January 23, 2017, Governor Gina Raimondo announcedthe Studio Rhode Next Generation Libraries Challenge, an innovative approach to supporting public libraries with new technology and training to engage with Rhode Islanders in the digital age. After examining the application details of the Studio Rhode Next Generation Library Challenge initiative, a partnership of the RI Office of Innovation and the RI Office of Library and Information Services, Leslie Page, the Harris Library Executive Director, approached me with an enterprising idea to re-imagine the Harris Library.  How could we better serve our community and transform the library from a traditional library into a community hub through the use of technology? Taking that question and facilitating a project for it could be a bit challenging, as the project would have to illustrate the power of libraries at a different level by providing the latest technology and engaging peopl…