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The Valley Breeze: "Harris Set to Become ‘Next Generation’ Library"

By Sandy Seoane, Staff Writer  

Woonsocket, RI -- City residents should prepare to share stories about life in Woonsocket and their hopes for the city’s future. A new online library exhibit will document local history and serve as a tool for future city planners. 

Woonsocket Harris Public Library has won the “Studio Rhode Next Generation Library Challenge,” a grant competition run by the Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services and the Office of Innovation that asked public library directors across the state to submit a unique plan to transform their space from a traditional facility into a community hub more suited to the 21st century.

Assistant Director Margaret McNulty worked with Director Leslie Page to develop an idea for the Clinton Street facility and came up with the “digital creation studio,” a space where local redients will create videos documenting their lives in the city – past and present – and their hopes for the future as part of a multi-generational proje…

An Initiative of the RI Office of Library and Information Services in Collaboration with the RI Office of Innovation

The Woonsocket Harris Public is a Studio Rhode Challenge Winner! We are proud to announce that our library has been awarded the State of  RI’s Studio Rhode Next Generation Library Challenge. Studio Rhode is an initiative of the RI Office of Library and Information Services and the RI Office of Innovation. 
We have been awarded with Apple technology and a new digital creation studio lab!
This Summer, we will be launching a multigenerational, multicultural storytelling project called “My Woonsocket Life” to share, through our personal stories, both the proud history of the City and its culturally rich present. We will be using digital media to document the City’s past, its present, and our hopes for its future. 
Our goal is to empower our community to play an active  role in the City Planning Department’s vision for the City’s future. With this new technology, our residents will learn new skills and use digital tools to help create a collective identity for Woonsocket.